About Us

Butternuts Beer & Ale takes pride in brewing superior quality brews at our farm brewery in Garratsville, New York State. Our Beers are noted for their finely balanced composition and excellent taste, developed by our unmatched small batch-brewing process. We artfully craft the absolute best beers our fans can put in their mouths. After all, why allow your face to settle for anything less? Stop in and try one for yourself.

Our Beers

  • <h1>Porkslap</h1><h2>Pale Ale</h2><p>Porkslap Pale Ale is our session ale, to be enjoyed socially without leaving your tail in a twist. Don't be fooled-- just because it's a session ale doesn't mean it lacks in flavor. It's crisp and refreshing, with a touch of hops, ginger and caramelized malty sweetness.</p>
  • <h1>Snapperhead</h1><h2>IPA</h2><p>This premiere India Pale Ale has a perfect balance of fresh floral hops and mild, malty sweetness. Combining our two-row malted barley and American hops with some old-school rock n' roll has made it a classic in our neck of the pond.</p>
  • <h1>Moo Thunder</h1><h2>Stout</h2><p>Our Moo Thunder Stout is a black beer with a creamy touch. Brewed with a combination of two row malted barley and just a hint of chocolate malt and lactose to add body and a tasty punch to the finished product. This is one Stout that will never be sent out to pasture.</p>
  • <h1>Heinnie Weisse</h1><h2>WEISSE BEER</h2><p>Today's forecast calls for mostly cloudy appearances and relatively high doses of carbonation. The perfect occasion for our Heinnie Weisse Beer, a southern German-style wheat beer. The Bavarian Weihenstephaner yeast produces overtones of banana and clove that create a most drinkable beer.</p>
  • <h1>Anthrax Wardance</h1><h2>Pale Ale</h2><p>Wardance is a unique and drinkable American Pale Ale, inspired by the thrash metal band Anthrax. This beer is medium-bodied and amber-colored, with rich foam and a bit of bitterness at the end. Like all great things, Anthrax and Wardance are both made in NY. Take a swig - it's so smooth it'll leave you begging for an encore.</p>